Ceramics/ Cerámica

It is the most traditional technique that connects us with the most primitive peoples and with an ancestral knowledge that transcends time and space, an intimate experience with clay, with the aroma of the earth and its textures. Es la técnica más tradicional que nos conecta con los pueblos más primitivos y con un conocimiento ancestral que trasciende el tiempo y el espacio, una experiencia íntima con la arcilla, con el aroma de la tierra y sus texturas
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  • 9am - 12m
With reservation
  • City town of Bogotá
  • Narrative on the history of ceramics
  • Practical techniques on clay
    Start and end of the trip: Workshop of the master craftsman Type: Tourism culture, ceramics Nearby town: Bogotá Minimum quota: 5 people Maximum quota: 20 people  Age range: 12 to 80 years old  When works: According to schedule Type of Reservation: With confirmation  In advance for booking: 1 day prior Required information: Names , age and passport numbers 

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